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Monday, August 08, 2011

6 months: Talky Tina!

Yesterday (Sunday) little Zina turned 6 months old. I just now decided to call her Zina.

The day before, she woke from a 3 hour nap and started suddenly talking to me. She just burst out with a "na na na na na na na da da da." Freaked me out!
Sunday, we drove an hour to Bryan, Ohio, to Colby's mom's family reunion. We ate and visited with some folks and then we decided to get in the pool. Colby's sis helped me change Thumper in the locker room and just as I was starting to change myself, BOOM went the thunder. The pool was cleared and the park was closed for the day. We got our $4 back, so that was good.

We got home and took a 2 hour walk around Foster Park. I'm very old and out of shape, but this will help!

Colby had the night off work, and although we were both completely exhausted, Thumper was all wakey, so the three of us lay on the bed and had some family bonding time. It was maybe the greatest night of my life.

She switched up her vocab to "hey nay nay! Hey NAY nay! Hey! Nay-NAY!" Very expressive.

Monday, August 01, 2011

25 Weeks: Roller Overer!

Today after Colby went to work, I put Miss Sarrazine in a t-shirt and jeans and she looked so cute. I put her in the Jumperoo and while she jumperooed, I scanned some photos. She got a bit fussy so I took her out and noticed her tuckus was a bit dampish.

Poo all down the inside of her jeans leg. I was SO glad I put those things on her.

So I cleaned her and put her on her back on her crib to scrub the poo out of her jeans. I heard her crying, and figured she was getting bored and lonesome, so I took my time going in there and .... ooops! She had turned over onto her tummy! All the way. And was a bit stuck in a corner. Her face was beet red from frustration trying to figure out where to go from there.

So there's that now.

Friday, July 29, 2011

24 Weeks Old: A new world view

Sarrazine isn't quite rolling over yet, unless she's on our bed. She doesn't quite crawl, but she tries. This evening I was holding her on my tummy on the recliner out on the back deck. She got a foothold on my leg and was able to climb up be a bit! She got up in my face and lifted her head up, leaning on her hands, higher than I've ever seen her. She looked at me and just started laughing.

I also carried her down the street and she turned her head to look where she was going.

And tonight I was holding her and she looked up and turned her head at the same time to see Daddy.

New accidental word: "Hair."

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

23 Weeks Old: This means war!

Last week Sarrazine discovered a new face to make: wrinkling up her nose. She usually does this when very excited and it is accompanied by a strong inhalation/exhalation through her nose. Everyone thinks it's adorable, but I can't help but think she's trying to push something out of her airway!

She's also been cleaning in between her toes with her tongue.

Another thing she's been doing kind of breaks our heart. When she's really hungry or sad or upset, she says, "Mama" or "Mum mum." Can't wait for her to say it when she's happy!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

19 Weeks: The Sleep Monster

Wow, Little S is getting so big! She's wearing 9 month clothes already. Scary.

She's also sleeping like crazy through the night. Napping, not so much. Friday night I was in charge of putting her to sleep because Colby had to work in the morning. I got her to bed while she was still awake but yawning, and I sang to her for about 1/2 hour. She fussed and moved her head back and forth but was pretty quiet and eventually fell asleep. For TWELVE HOURS. I felt like a genius.

We got up at 11, ate, played, ate again at 1, read a bunch of books, and she started getting sleepy. But she fought it. She kicked as though Sleep were a thing that was trying to drag her by the feet. And she screamed as though in desperate pain for about 90 minutes, off and on (mostly on). I even started crying a little, three times.

I finally got her to sleep on the bed and transported her, still hitch-sobbing, to her bassinet. She slept another 3 hours and then Colby got home.

She went to sleep at midnight and slept 8 hours, but didn't take a nap today. It's 11:30 and she's still up. So.... Once again, we suck at sleep.

Monday, June 13, 2011

My Sweet Monkey Baby

She's a sweet monkey baby
Just a sweet monkey baby
And she’s hanging in a tree
And she’s looking down at me
Monkey baby
Monkey baby

Oh my sweet monkey baby
Such a sweet monkey baby
And she’s looking at her mum
As she listens to her hum,
“Monkey baby,
Monkey baby.”

Sweet little babe cling to your monkey vine.
Happy and playing all the monkeytime.
I’m only saying, "You're my monkeyshine.
I’m so happy you’re all mine!"

Go to sleep, monkey baby,
Oh, my sweet, little punky monkey baby.
In the morning you’ll arise
Every day’s a new surprise
For monkey baby
Monkey baby.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Four Month Checkup!

Had a brief scare this morning when the new pediatrician said Sarrazine's skull looked like it might have fused too soon... Um, yikes! Got her little skull x-rayed and it's apparently normal.

They also had to give her THREE shots, because the hospital hadn't given her a Hep-B shot when she was born. So that was fun, too.
On the upside, my friend won an Ellen Dengeres Show Mother's Day contest and sent me a whole mess of coupons for free jumbo packs of Huggies!!!!!!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

June 2: We have "Mama"!

On Thursday, June 2, she said, "Mama." Even though I knew she didn't know what it means, my heart melted. She said it again on Friday (yesterday). Colby said she's been saying it while I'm at work, so I'm not sure her "official" first Mama, but Thursday was the first I'd heard it.

She's been saying "Maaaa" or "Mehhhh" when she's crying for food, but this was the first time I'd heard her say two together in a calm, rational sort of way, in the middle of a sentence.

She came close to repeating "Love" to me. She had her tongue in the right place and she got a reallly clear "La" out.

So far her vocabulary of recognizable/repeatable sounds (in order of first saying them) are:

Boo Boo
Ma Ma

Yesterday for the first time, she grabbed her feet with both hands. And stayed in that position most of the day. She'd noticed them earlier in the week, but finally figured out how to grab them and hold on. Made diaper changing and swaddling a little more challenging.

Her favorite binky is her burp cloth, which she clutches most of the time. Everyone puts it over their shoulder because that's her favorite place to be, and when they hand her off, she still has it  clutched in her hand (or mouth). She probably loves it because it smells like dinner. I always forget the burp cloth so my shoulder is always wet. We've noticed a bit of a clicking in her jaw which we are concerned might be from her resting her jaw on our shoulders so much (it's really the only position she loves to be in most of the time) so we're being careful about that.

She also loves to grab the hood strings on my sweatshirt so I need to be really careful about that.

Can't wait to meet her new pediatrician on Thursday and make sure she's doing OK! Not excited about the shots though.... especially worried about autism risks. But I guess it's better than being diseased.

So glad to have a weekend with her, although I'll be spending most of today at the new house fixing it up for a hopeful move-in tonight or tomorrow. Colby works at 5 tonight and all day tomorrow, so hopefully we can get it done in the next few hours.......

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Roly Poly Bug!

On Wednesday, Sarra discovered her feet! She's been grabbing them ever since. Tonight she started to roll halfway over to each side from her back. She would grab one pant leg and pull, as though she were trying to pull herself over the rest of the way. She's soooo close!

She also has a new impression: Rodney Dangerfield. She has been clutching and pulling at her clothes in the chest/belly area. She also clutches at my clothes when I nurse her. And last week, she pulled her diaper open. Better make sure we keep her dressed at all times, looks like.

In house news, we spent several hours today unpacking and organizing the house. But we got started late and had to end early, so we really didn't get much done at all. I left feeling somewhat depressed. We only have one more day and it's tricky to get someone to watch Sarra an entire day. But the paint fumes seem a little too strong for her to handle it.

We're still staying at Colby's folks' house, until the paint fumes die down more. We're SOOOOO CLOSE!!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

8 Weeks, 5 Days: Words, Words, Words!

Sarra's vocabulary is really picking up steam. Her big "word" is agoo. We're not sure what it means, but she says it a lot.

She also says what sounds like "Hello," "No," and one day she said "Ah lah oo" three or four times in one sitting. We replied, "I love you too."

Tonight she just say, "Ah boo boo." It was the first time I'd heard a "b" from her. She loves to watch our mouths as we talk. We've also started reading to her this week, as she has been sitting still long enough to look at the pictures and listen. Her (our) favorite book is called "Splish Splash Baby Bundt: A Recipe for Bath Time," that Melissa and Curtis Shaw gave her for her shower.

Her Soprano Squeal is also in full force. I hope it doesn't mean she's in pain.

She got her 2 month shots yesterday and handled them like a champ. Cried like crazy in the doctor's office but once we got the car running, she was fine. Slept all day and has been pretty active today. Lots of tummy time. Making lots of conversation.

Spitting up an awful lot, too, the last week or so. Which I just hate. She wasn't a spitter-upper for the first month or so, but she's making up for lost time.

We're packing up the house now to put everything into storage for a while until a permanent living situation comes available.

Friday, April 01, 2011

7 Weeks, 4 days: "MA!"

All week, Sarra's been babbling and making new sounds a lot and it cracks me up. Two nights ago she was on the changing table and she made a little yippy "bark" sound. And she smacked her lips so loudly, she startled herself. And this week she has started saying "Ma!" when she's crying for food (in addition to the standard "Neh") which is truly freaky. I don't think she's calling to or for me, per se, but it makes me wonder if "Ma" is a natural sound for babies to say in relation to hunger, which stands to reason.

My (and everyone's) favorite new viral video:
Makes me almost wish Sarra had a twin!

Monday, March 28, 2011

7 Weeks: Mommy's Little Soprano

Sarra has been testing out new vocal sounds all week. Her newest is a crazy high pitched squeal of frustration. It's awesome.

This week she also grasped my hair in her hands while I was holding her. That's the reason I got my hair cut in January, but it's grown out quite a bit since then. She's enjoying her play mat more and is starting to grab at the hanging toys and making them rattle. And my favorite thing is watching her watch the spinning monkey mobile on her playard. They fascinate her. And of course lots and lots of smiles and coos. She and her Daddy have the most interesting conversations. I want him to write them down and make them into a one-man show.

Yesterday we had our first non-formula day, with an ounce of refrigerated milk to spare! We actually had 4 ounces as of midnight but she didn't get to sleep until 3 a.m. and needed 3 ounces of it. Still, no formula for a couple days. Eating and hydrating really do work wonders for my supply.

This morning I put Pandora on my phone and Sarra sand and danced along to Weezer.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

5 weeks, 3 days: Happy St Patrick's Day!

Sarra had an eventful day. First walk in the stroller around the neighborhood, first "successful" immersion bath (trick was to put a towel under her and a towel over her to keep her warm as the water was going on her. She was fascinated by it and gave me this look of wonderment as I was pouring it on her. She was like, "Why, Mother, I've never felt such a sensation! I did not know it was possible to feel such bliss and contentment!"), and first St. Patrick's Day. We didn't do too many photo ops because by the time we'd get the camera, she was already crying.

She had kind of a "hungry" day. I wasn't producing much milk for some reason (maybe sleep deprivation and dehydration with a little stress thrown in), so it was frustrating for all of us. Luckily I had 14 ounces of milk stockpiled from my Indiana trip. We're down to 9 ounces now.

Tomorrow's trip to Indiana will be very interesting and I hope we didn't forget anything crucial. My hope is that she will sleep for the entire 4 hour trip and I won't have to feed or diaper her on the road. Something about diapering a baby in a rest area just icks me out. We brought several "puppy pads" to lay her on, so hopefully that'll suffice. Plus, the immunities she's getting from breast milk will hopefully ward off any nasties lurking on the changing stations.

I'm very excited to see some family members on Sunday for her baptism! I'm praying that Msgr John Kuzmich will be available to do the baptism. Mom always said I was the first baby he baptized at St. Vincent. I'm mad I don't have pictures... they're all in storage.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What do I like about not being pregnant?

What do I enjoy about not being pregnant?

So very many things, but I enjoy being able to eat a meal at a table without having to hold the plate/bowl in my hand under my face so I don't spill my food all over myself.

I like sleeping on my back.

I like not having to pee every 20 min and then only peeing 3 or 4 drops. And I like not peeing in my pants, too. That's cool.

I like being able to walk from a parking lot to a business establishment and not having to sit down to catch my breath.

I like being able to shave my legs (etc).

I like being able to bend over and pick things off the floor.

I like being able to stand up from the couch without Colby having to help me up (and bracing himself with one leg behind him like he's lifting an elephant).

I like being able to hug Colby and our arms go around each other. I like weighing less than him. I feel so very tiny!

I like knowing what my baby's face looks like.

Mama's little animal

For a week or so, Sarra has been grunting and growling and snorting. Once I realized it was normal, I have come to find it adorable. I'm not sure what sort of animal she thinks she is. Part piglet, part wolf cub, part thoroughbred colt.

But to me, she will always be Monkey Face.

5 weeks, 2 days: The Milk Lady Cometh

First favorite moment of my life: the first skin-to-skin contact with Sarra and she stopped crying and opened her eyes in recognition at my voice.

Second favorite moment of my life: Watching her wake up after a 24 hour separation (my day trip to Indiana) and seeing her face light up in a huge smile instead of crying like she usually does when she wakes up. It was like, "Oh! The Milk Lady didn't leave forever!"

Speaking of, I managed about 16 ounces total expressed on my trip, plus I would imagine around 3 oz at her 7:30 a.m. feeding before I left for Indiana, so that's not too bad. Colby had to feed her about 8 oz. of formula, but I'd had 8 oz of milk already stockpiled in the fridge, which fed her until evening.

Her poop this morning was very dry and hard to wipe off, but we should be formula-free from now on, if all goes well and I can keep my supply up! I had left my More Milk Plus capsules at home, so all that was just me!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

4 weeks, 3 days: Happiest Baby on the Block

Not only is it a great book and video (Happiest Baby on the Block) that describes the 5 S's that help keep your baby calm and happy and sleep better (, but it describes Sarrazine tonight:

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2 weeks, 1 day: Roll-y Poly

I missed this milestone too, but Colby tells me that during tummy time, Sarra put her hands under her chin and rolled herself over from her tummy to her back, all by herself.

This is normal for 3-4 months.

I'm told this is probably just a fluke and that some babies do roll over this way early on. It's much easier to roll from tummy to back than the other way around (believe me, I know). So we shouldn't worry that she'll be crawling at 2 months or anything like that.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 14: Visit from Sheri and Rosie

Had a very nice visit from my friends from work, Sheri and Rosie. It's amazing how revitalizing a few hours of grown-up conversation is, already.

Day 15: Happy Fortnight, Babygirl!

Our two favorite involuntary muscle movements from two-week-old Sarrazine:
  1. From over-the-shoulder burp position, she was making lip smacks to tell me she's hungry and moved her head to find, you know, dinner, and she inadvertently kissed me on the cheek.
  2. Lying on his lap, she just gave Colby a "very crisp military salute".
Big milestone of the day: Her umbilical stump came off in her sleep sack! She was fussing and we couldn't figure out why until Colby took her out and saw this black thing poking her in the hip. It had been seeping a little clear goo yesterday during tummy time, and today the little bump is kind of bumpy and a little bloody. I hope it heals into an innie. Right now it looks a little weird and outie-ish. i hope she doesn't have to live life with an outie!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 9: Visit from Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Megan

Colby's folks and sister came to visit us today from Indiana. They helped a lot and I got a couple solid naps in. They brought us lunch and dinner and I had some healthy food. I need to remember to eat.

Colby's dad loves to take pictures and took lots and lots of our baby girl. I've posted them on my Facebook page.

This is one of my favorites.

Colby's baby photo. I think I see the resemblance!
His dad brought a thumb drive with his baby pictures so we can compare. I wish my baby albums weren't in storage in Downers Grove. I want to see if she looks as much like my baby pictures as I seem to remember. Especially the one my mom and I always called the "Archie Bunker Picture."

Been trying to build up my milk supply but only managed 1 ounce total at 3 pumpings, and about 1/2 ounce at my last one (although I think she got more from her initial feeding at that one than before). I don't quite understand how it all works but it's painful. Thanks to my lactation consult yesterday, it's getting less painful. But it's easier to latch when there's more to give, and I'm not sure the pumping is helping yet. They called to follow up this afternoon and said it takes about 48 hours for the pumping to really start helping, so I have until tomorrow morning before I start feeling nervous.

Colby and I got the diaper rash ointment for Sarra and hopefully it will help. I think it's looking better since Saturday, now that we're using warm water and cotton balls. Would have been nice to have known this to begin with, but I never took the time to read "What To Expect: The First Year" before she was born, and now it's all I can do to keep on top of her feedings.

I was doing well with the every-two-hour feedings the pediatrician recommended, but then I realized it was too exhausting. I have been trying to do every 3 hours, which still gives 8 feedings a day. Hoping tomorrow I'll have plenty to feed her with and we will get into a routine of making formula to supplement her and washing the pump components.

Colby and I ate dinner together and watched "Survivor: Redemption Island" premiere tonight in the bedroom while his family played with the baby. Best Date Night Ever!

New Mother's Soliloquy

To wake the baby or not to wake the baby... that is the question. Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the stink and mess of outrageous diapers, or feed her in my arms and watch her blow bubbles, or by opposing, take a nap my own damn self.... Ay, there's the rub. For what screams may come whence we have shuffled off this horrible diaper must give us pause.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Day 1: Birth Story

Baby's Name: Sarrazine Michelle

Date of Birth: 2/7/11

Original Due Date: 2/3/11

Weeks Pregnant: 40 weeks, 4 days

Weight/Length: 10 lbs, 2 oz / 22 inches

Birth Story:

Because my baby was measuring 91st percentile, I wasn’t progressing past 2 cm for a while, and my BP was elevated, my OB scheduled an induction. He wanted it before my due date but the hospital was booked so we scheduled it for 4 days after.

On 2/7, I went in at 7:00 a.m., got started on Pitocin at 8:30 a.m., got my water broken at 9:00 a.m. and immediately started having contractions. They were handleable, but became intense pretty quickly. I stuck it out for 3 hours and then asked for the epidural at around noon. I felt like I’d failed my birth plan, but I’d been open to needing an epidural, especially since I knew I’d be on Pitocin. The epi went SO smoothly, as opposed to the spinal I’d had for my cerclage. I wish I hadn’t been so anxious about it. I am totally in favor of epidurals!

I progressed to 6 cm and 80% effaced, but stayed that way another 3 hours. In the meantime, the baby’s heart rate began decelerating so they did an amnioinfusion and put the fluid back in me. Her heart rate improved, but she didn’t progress past -2 station and I didn’t dilate any further. In fact, my cervix actually got thicker rather than thinner on one side.

My OB said we could try for another hour and then do a C-section, but I said let’s just go for it. I was actually relieved because I was terrified to push out whatever was inside me. I was huge!

The C-section went well, although as I’d feared, I started to feel sharp pains. They kept upping my epi, but by the time they got to my uterus, it was pretty bad and they didn’t want t to give me more. Through my crying and moaning, the OB said, “Just 10 seconds and it’ll be all over!” I closed my eyes and mentally counted back from 10 and by the time I got to 6, I felt a flock of birds fly out my intestines, and heard a baby crying. Took me a moment to understand why! Someone pointed out to me what I was hearing, and I think I said something along the lines of “Oh my god, that’s my baby girl!”

Everyone started saying how big she was, and the OB said, “She’s gotta be 10, 11 pounds.” He brought her back to us and she was almost as tall as he was. He exclaimed, “She’s enormous!” I said, “She’s 8 years old!”

They brought her to us for a quick family picture and then they spirited her away to clean, weigh, measure her, etc.

10 lbs, 2 oz. 22” long.

I could hear her crying and they told Colby to go see her. He didn’t want to leave my side but I told him to go. I hated to hear her cry, knowing Colby was with her, seeing her, and I was splayed helpless on the table, paralyzed, with my arms strapped down. They brought her back to me for a couple quick pictures and some skin on skin contact. The best we could do though, was cheek-to-cheek. But the instant our skin touched and I said hello to her, she stopped crying, opened her eyes, and looked at me!

Best moment of my entire life.

They took her to do tests, etc., and Colby went with them and took lots of photos and videos. I went off to recovery and slept and missed my daughter for two long hours. I was sad to learn that they’d already bottle fed her, because she had low blood sugar and they didn’t want to wait for me to try to nurse. She also had soiled 2 diapers by the time I got there. Goodness!

I guess because she was a C-section baby, she didn’t have the blotchy face/conehead look about her. Her cheeks are just as chubby as her ultrasound had suggested they were. She is SO perfect, and just beautiful. And I don’t think I’m saying that as a mother. I think she really is!

Monday, February 07, 2011

Day 1: Sarrazine Caesarean

My precious baby second-chance, Sarrazine Michelle, was born via C-section on 2/7/11, at 4:25 p.m. Started out at 7:00 a.m. being induced, 4 days after my due date. Pitocin at 8:30, water broken at 9:00. Contractions intensified quidkly and I asked for an epidural at 12:00. I was dilated to 6cm and 80% effaced but stayed that way for 3 hours with no porgression. Baby remained at -2 station despite increasingly painful contractions even with the epi. Baby's heart rate went into deceleration and they had to do an amnioinfusion. Finally at 3:00 the doctor said that with no progression, we'd need to do a c-section. He offered me another hour but I knew in my heart it was pointless, so I agreed to the C.

I felt some sharp pains and the epi was increased until they were just gettingt her out. It hurt BAD, but the doctor told me it would be over in 10 seconds. Four seconds later I felt a flock of seagulls fly out of my belly and I heard a baby crying. It took me a moment to realize what the sound was. The doctor estimated her at 11 pounds, but she was "only" 10 lbs, 2 oz, 22" long. No wonder I was so uncomfortable these last few weeks!

She's just about perfect and we couldn't be more proud.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week 39: Baby wants OUT

At my 39 week check up on Friday, the non-stress test went well. Sarrazine was active and healthy, the nurse said. Dr. Dominicis checked my cervix but I was only dilated 1-2 cm. He said that because the baby is measuring large, and my blood pressure has been elevated the past few visits, he doesn't want to go past 40 weeks. So he said to come in on Monday (Jan 31) and we'll "discuss the next steps."

So in the next 14 hours or so, I will be finding out approximately when (and how) I'll be seeing my baby girl!!! I had it in my head I didn't want any inteventions if I could help it... induction, epidural, etc., because they can chain react into needing a C section. He did mention the "very, very small risk" that her shoulders could get stuck. But he mentioned this like 3 times, which was almost enough to make me say, "Let's just pick a date for a C section right now and be done with it."

I wish there were a way they could somehow measure your pelvis and just know whether you'll make it or not.

So to make matters even more complicated, a blizzard is due to hit Chicago tomorrow and snow for the next three days. I am wondering if he will say, let's get you checked in today and start the induction now, or if he'll let me wait until Thursday when the snow has stopped. I am feeling now like I may not go into labor this week and that induction will be necessary.

Yesterday I was sitting on the couch and she was trying to kick her way out with both feet! Weird feeling and I wish I'd had my Flip on me at the time.

I'm so sore and tired and very ready to have her in my arms, rather than my belly. We love her so much already, and can't wait to see what she looks like and what her personality is. We hope she loves us as much as we love her!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Week 38: C'mon out of the oven, Little Turkey!

So, at last week's NST (Non-Stress Test, where they measure the baby's heartbeat and I mark every time I feel her move, so they can see if her heartrate increases when she moves), they thought the baby was inverse breech (sideways) and I think they were right. They set up an ultrasound for t his week to confirm, and if she was still breech, they were going to schedule a Caesarean. (Colby was going to call her Sarrazine Caesarean).

I had the ultrasound on Tuesday and she is head down (I’d gotten lots of advice from nurses and other mamas on how to turn her, and apparently they worked!) so they didn’t schedule anything, but they did remove the stitch. And oh, did that hurt. I’m still pretty sore. Plus I’m feeling my cervix doing weird things now, so it’s only a matter of time… I’m 38 weeks today, but she’s measuring 2 weeks ahead. Now would be a good time for her to come, the doctors all say, but I haven’t felt any contractions yet. My belly button is sticking out, so I think that means she's fully cooked!

So, other than only getting 2 crappy ultrasound pictures (it's too crowded in there now for the pictures to turn out), it was a great office visit... very relieved to have dodged the C bullet, at least for now. I am still prepared to need one if the baby is just too big, or whatever, but I am still so scared of the epidural (after my experience getting the cerclage put in) that I really hope I don't have to go that route again.

I''m officially off bed rest, but my muscles are so weak from lack of exercise since June, that just walking from the parking lot to the inside of the mall is exhausting! :) There definitely needs to be more Expectant Mother spaces in this town.
Anyway, so I am finally able to fulfill my Nesting instinct. Colby put together a bunch of stackable storage cubicles and bought some fabric draws to fit in them, and I've been going through clothes, toys, and various baby accessories we've been given, and organizing the heck out of the place. I also sold a bunch of Mary Kay products at wholesale, just to clean out my inventory and give myself a little more space, as well as to get back a little bit of money. When the baby is a little older, I'll replenish my inventory, and will continue to place orders for people as requested in the meantime.
So let me know if you need anything! :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 37: A Half-hearted Escape Attempt

Not much to report yet. But I got a nice video of Sarrazine trying to make her escape early.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Week 36: Turn, Baby, Turn! (Natural Birth-o)

Today I had my non-stress test (due to being an old lady at 40). Which was a mis-nomer. It was one of the most stressful OB visits of my pregnancy.

The nurse couldn't find the heartbeat. I hadn't felt the baby move in several hours, so when she finally found a faint, relatively slow heartbeat (114), I thought it was probably mine. Then she said, "Well, the baby is moving, anyway. She's making me chase her." Whew!

She called for backup and a more experienced RN came in. She found the heartbeat right away. Then she put the heartrate monitor on me, secured around my waist with a velcro strap, and another strap held on a monitor to look for contractions (I apparently had one while sitting there). She said, "OK, now I'm going to put you to work. Every time you feel a movement, press the 'Mark' button."

I was on the machine for a while but wasn't feeling any movement. It had been about 5 hours since I'd eaten (due to severe heartburn all morning) so she gave me a juicebox (which spilled all over me because I was fully reclined). The juice got Sarrazine moving, though, and the movements corresponded correctly with increased heart rate, so that was awesome! The nurse was very pleased.

However, the bad part is, she thinks the baby has moved to a transverse breech position again (lying sideways, her head to the left of my belly button and her butt to the right). That is exactly how I feel like she is, based on the location of her hiccups that morning and her butt sticking out to my right side.

The doctor never did come see me, but she spoke with him and he said that I'll need to get an ultrasound next week and if she's still breech, they won't remove the cerclage..... They'll either try again the following week, or they'll just schedule a c-section right then and there! ARGH. C-Section is NOT part of my birth plan! But if she's breech, they have no choice. They didn't seem to offer the possibility of manually moving her, but I've heard that's horribly painful, so maybe just getting gutted like a fish is the better option....