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Monday, August 01, 2011

25 Weeks: Roller Overer!

Today after Colby went to work, I put Miss Sarrazine in a t-shirt and jeans and she looked so cute. I put her in the Jumperoo and while she jumperooed, I scanned some photos. She got a bit fussy so I took her out and noticed her tuckus was a bit dampish.

Poo all down the inside of her jeans leg. I was SO glad I put those things on her.

So I cleaned her and put her on her back on her crib to scrub the poo out of her jeans. I heard her crying, and figured she was getting bored and lonesome, so I took my time going in there and .... ooops! She had turned over onto her tummy! All the way. And was a bit stuck in a corner. Her face was beet red from frustration trying to figure out where to go from there.

So there's that now.

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