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Monday, October 25, 2010

Week 25: A Series of Unfortunate Test Results

This week, Sarra is a Rutabaga! 13" long and 1.5 lbs, approximately. She's getting more hair, and if we could see inside, she'd have her own hair's color and texture now, not just the white Fetus Hair she had before.

On Saturday, October 23, I got my glucose screening, TSH, and iron bloodwork drawn. On Monday, October 25, I got my test results back.
  • Failed the glucose screening. 3-hour glucose tolerance test scheduled for Monday, November 1.
  • Borderline anemia. Iron rich diet recommendations sent.
  • Underactive thyroid. Thyroid meds upped.
  • UTI infection. Antibiotics prescribed.
I also had a horrible cold with coughing so bad I thought I'd broken a rib, and didnt' sleep for an entire weekend. Took 2 sick days in a row (Friday and Monday), which I never do. OB prescribed cough syrup with codeine. I took it one night and slept 5 blissful hours in a row. But I felt weird taking codeine with a baby inside, so I only took it the one night. Robitussin will do.

On the up side, I did a 1/2 hour survey for Kindermusik's new website and got a $50 Mario Tricoci gift card for my time!! Yay, half a haircut!! See you in a couple months, Amelia!

Special thanks to Miss Cathy for cluing me in to Kindermusik! One day I may even sign up to be a teacher! Combining my love of Musik and Kinder!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Week 24: Our Little Footlong!

I'm kind of over the fruit analogies to the baby's size, so I'm going with a footlong reference. Mmmm... hotdogs...

Sarra apparently now has fingernails and toenails, and is basically fully proportioned. Her hearing and inner ears are developed so I'm trying to talk to her more. She's most active later at night when I'm done on the computer and just relaxing in front of the TV. I think she feels more neglected then and wants to make sure we know she's still there. Last night Colby felt two massively strong kicks and that satisfied him for the evening.

I'm starting to picture what sort of a mom I'll be... What sort of disciplinarian will I be? How temperamental and headstrong will she be? Will I be a good diaperer?

Colby and I are signed up for all the baby classes so we're looking forward to those. Hopefully his work schedule won't be affected. Our first is a Lamaze class, starting November 22. This is going to get real: real fast!

I've gained a total of 20 lbs which my doctors and nurses all say is just right for being 24 weeks. I am hoping to keep it to 1 lb a week from here on out.

This week's craving: Mexican food. I had Taco Bell Wednesday night and Chipotle Thursday (1/2 burrito for lunch and the rest for dinner). This morning Colby bought ingredients for me to make salsa, and I'll probably go to Tacos El Norte for a couple tacos.

I wonder why I have heartburn all the time lately?
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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Week 23: Mango!

Today we are 23 weeks along.... only one more week until "viability"!

She is the size of a Mango (almost a foot long, and over a pound of kicky love!) and is getting to the point where she can hear voices, music, and other noises. She was very active yesterday but is taking it easy on me today.

As for me, my fingers and feet are just swell. I mean, swelling. I should have a TV installed in the bathroom because I spend so much time there. And all I want to eat lately is thick-cut french fries. They had some at work yesterday and were JUST DELIGHTFUL.

Last night I enjoyed sitting in on an Adult Non-Dancer Dance Class, taught by Debbie Goldman, and attended by a number of my theatre friends. Thumper enjoyed the music ("Razzle Dazzle" and "One") and we both enjoyed chicken tacos and S'mores at Trax afterward.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

High five!

Last night Thumper was all over the place... lower belly, belly button, side to side. Like she thought she was on a hamster wheel or something.

I called Colby in to the computer room where I was sitting and lifted my shirt for him to put his hand on my belly. After a moment or two, he felt three solid kicks on the left side of my abdomen. Very sweet!

After he went to bed, I kept my hand on my belly, pressing and prodding every once in a while, just having a little game with Sarra. I rubbed my hand over my belly button and right at the top of the belly button, I felt a little tiny bump sticking out. I couldn't see what it was shaped like, but I was feeling thudding in the lower part of my belly so I can only imagine it was a tiny hand.

I gently pressed on it and it retreated, only to return seconds later. I pressed gently again, and it went back.

Up high, little one! Way to go!