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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Roly Poly Bug!

On Wednesday, Sarra discovered her feet! She's been grabbing them ever since. Tonight she started to roll halfway over to each side from her back. She would grab one pant leg and pull, as though she were trying to pull herself over the rest of the way. She's soooo close!

She also has a new impression: Rodney Dangerfield. She has been clutching and pulling at her clothes in the chest/belly area. She also clutches at my clothes when I nurse her. And last week, she pulled her diaper open. Better make sure we keep her dressed at all times, looks like.

In house news, we spent several hours today unpacking and organizing the house. But we got started late and had to end early, so we really didn't get much done at all. I left feeling somewhat depressed. We only have one more day and it's tricky to get someone to watch Sarra an entire day. But the paint fumes seem a little too strong for her to handle it.

We're still staying at Colby's folks' house, until the paint fumes die down more. We're SOOOOO CLOSE!!