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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Yes, 'tis Maaa-aaa-aaa-a-aa-aaa-aaaa-bellllllll

So "Pirates" opened last weekend and in the meantime, I noticed an audition notice for another production -- this time, in Bartlett. Wherever the eff that is. I wasn't able to make the auditions due to my production. But I had worked with the director before and asked if I could send a VHS of scenes from my previous performance as Mabel. I sent it in and they called me back for tonight.

I went in and sang with 2 other girls, who both have AMAZING, beauatiful, strong voices, and he said he was going to cast all 3 of us, just not sure which roles yet.

So on my way home I got a call from the .... assistant director or stage manager ... I don't know her role. But she called me and said they were offering me the role of Mabel!!!!!!!!!!

Whoo hoooooo!!!! I was a little afraid I'd get cast as Kate, which is just too low for me. So is Edith, frankly, although I've always wanted to play Edith. She gets the Pirate King, you know.
So anyway, I was thrilled to death, and glad I stuck it out with the chorus part in the other production, because: A) It's turned out to be a great production. B) I've met some truly, truly awesome, talented people, and I hope to work with them again. C) It's tested my patience and taught me about myself and about human nature. D) It's refreshed my memory for the show. E) It's my favorite show and how can you get too much Gilbert & Sullivan? F) It's the summer of the Pirate!

Also, one of my co-workers knows a member of the Savoyairs, and told me that this person was coming to see "Pirates" in Arlington Hts this weekend, and was going to "look [me] up." Another member had invited me to send in an audition tape (since I missed "Iolanthe" auditions last week as well, due to "Pirates") but I haven't yet. I am sure it would be too late, even if I still wanted to be in that show, but either way, I've already commited to "Pirates" in Bartlett, so I'm not sure it would be appropriate.

After "Pirates," I'm taking a short break before starting grad school in the spring, and then seeing how much time/strength/energy I have left for theatre. I'd like to do a non-musical at some point, to see if I can still act!