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Friday, June 02, 2006

Ma-ma-ma-my Promotion!

So I got a promotion yesterday! To "Sr. Administrative Assistant." I had my review and it went "exceedingly" well. I also had lunch with my "new" supervisor and my "former" supervisor (who gave me the review) and we discussed my future with the company. I'm going to get my Masters in Marketing, and my boss agreed that my creativity would suit me well in that field. I'd mentioned my interest in HR or Marketing, and when I said I was leaning toward Marketing he said that was good because he was going to suggest that to me, if I should ask. He just didn't want to steer me in that direction if I wasn't ready to go there.

I also got my bonus, so I went to Ace and bought a leaf blower/vac/mulcher and a grass trimmer/edger. YAY! I'm so excited! I hope they work. They were cheaper than I thought they'd be plus I get a rebate.

My next purchase (or possible birthday gift): A gym membership!!! My arms have gotten ridiculous. I was looking at myself in the mirror, trying on evening dresses for the Army Birthday Ball next weekend, and I was all, "Jen, have you ever LIFTED anything??"

So now I'm going to try to go back to bed after waking up from a 2-hour accidental nap. I am getting up at 7 am to go to the Bongo Room downtown with some sorority sisters and they're going to help me find a formal for the Army Ball in DC next week. I have a dress already but want to find something better, and possibly some shoes.

I hope I can fall asleep after my nap.