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Sunday, May 31, 2009

YouTube / Vista / Flash Issue FIXED, SOLVED, and YAY!

So for the past I don't know how long, I've not been able to view most videos on YouTube. An error message stated that I either needed to enable Javascript (it was already enabled), or download the latest version of Flash (v.10). I uninstalled and re-installed Flash about a dozen times, to no avail. Months of Google searching came upon dozens of people with the same problem but no real solution....

FINALLY I tried itself (duh), and found the answer. Thank you,!! Bawk, bawk!;jsessionid=90CDBAB9ACE5D6AC82AE281520977423.node0?start=100&tstart=0

Originally posted by: theopenworld

Hi all, I installed Windows Vista Ultimate last weekend, and like many I found that the flash player did not work on many sites including YouTube etc. Well, the good news is I think I have the fix that many of you have been looking for: I navigated my way to: C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash Then right clicked over both 'Flash9b.ocx' and 'FlashUtil9b.exe', and chose properties. In properties choose the 'security' tab > Click on the 'everyone' account, and the button called 'edit' and then tick the box called 'allow full control' and also choose your own Windows local account name. Once you have done this for both files run the FlashUtil9b.exe and it should install and update and tell you to restart. Do so and you should find that YouTube and other sites that use flash now work. Let me know how you get on.

Twilight: Three New Moon Wolf Trailer

Not to disparage Twilight fans or anything, but damn, what's with the bad cartoon wolf?

Friday, May 29, 2009

Mary Kay

Because I apparently don't have enough to do between a full time job, Vice Presidency and Chief Communications Officership of the Takeda Sports Club, graduate school, theatre, and trying to get my brother to help me market his company (, I have decided to become a Mary Kay independent consultant.

I guess this means I'll have to buy some skirts and get a manicure. I'm not sure I'm what Ms. Ash had in mind to represent her company, but that oil-free makeup remover is the BOMB.