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Monday, August 08, 2011

6 months: Talky Tina!

Yesterday (Sunday) little Zina turned 6 months old. I just now decided to call her Zina.

The day before, she woke from a 3 hour nap and started suddenly talking to me. She just burst out with a "na na na na na na na da da da." Freaked me out!
Sunday, we drove an hour to Bryan, Ohio, to Colby's mom's family reunion. We ate and visited with some folks and then we decided to get in the pool. Colby's sis helped me change Thumper in the locker room and just as I was starting to change myself, BOOM went the thunder. The pool was cleared and the park was closed for the day. We got our $4 back, so that was good.

We got home and took a 2 hour walk around Foster Park. I'm very old and out of shape, but this will help!

Colby had the night off work, and although we were both completely exhausted, Thumper was all wakey, so the three of us lay on the bed and had some family bonding time. It was maybe the greatest night of my life.

She switched up her vocab to "hey nay nay! Hey NAY nay! Hey! Nay-NAY!" Very expressive.

Monday, August 01, 2011

25 Weeks: Roller Overer!

Today after Colby went to work, I put Miss Sarrazine in a t-shirt and jeans and she looked so cute. I put her in the Jumperoo and while she jumperooed, I scanned some photos. She got a bit fussy so I took her out and noticed her tuckus was a bit dampish.

Poo all down the inside of her jeans leg. I was SO glad I put those things on her.

So I cleaned her and put her on her back on her crib to scrub the poo out of her jeans. I heard her crying, and figured she was getting bored and lonesome, so I took my time going in there and .... ooops! She had turned over onto her tummy! All the way. And was a bit stuck in a corner. Her face was beet red from frustration trying to figure out where to go from there.

So there's that now.