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Sunday, June 19, 2011

19 Weeks: The Sleep Monster

Wow, Little S is getting so big! She's wearing 9 month clothes already. Scary.

She's also sleeping like crazy through the night. Napping, not so much. Friday night I was in charge of putting her to sleep because Colby had to work in the morning. I got her to bed while she was still awake but yawning, and I sang to her for about 1/2 hour. She fussed and moved her head back and forth but was pretty quiet and eventually fell asleep. For TWELVE HOURS. I felt like a genius.

We got up at 11, ate, played, ate again at 1, read a bunch of books, and she started getting sleepy. But she fought it. She kicked as though Sleep were a thing that was trying to drag her by the feet. And she screamed as though in desperate pain for about 90 minutes, off and on (mostly on). I even started crying a little, three times.

I finally got her to sleep on the bed and transported her, still hitch-sobbing, to her bassinet. She slept another 3 hours and then Colby got home.

She went to sleep at midnight and slept 8 hours, but didn't take a nap today. It's 11:30 and she's still up. So.... Once again, we suck at sleep.

Monday, June 13, 2011

My Sweet Monkey Baby

She's a sweet monkey baby
Just a sweet monkey baby
And she’s hanging in a tree
And she’s looking down at me
Monkey baby
Monkey baby

Oh my sweet monkey baby
Such a sweet monkey baby
And she’s looking at her mum
As she listens to her hum,
“Monkey baby,
Monkey baby.”

Sweet little babe cling to your monkey vine.
Happy and playing all the monkeytime.
I’m only saying, "You're my monkeyshine.
I’m so happy you’re all mine!"

Go to sleep, monkey baby,
Oh, my sweet, little punky monkey baby.
In the morning you’ll arise
Every day’s a new surprise
For monkey baby
Monkey baby.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Four Month Checkup!

Had a brief scare this morning when the new pediatrician said Sarrazine's skull looked like it might have fused too soon... Um, yikes! Got her little skull x-rayed and it's apparently normal.

They also had to give her THREE shots, because the hospital hadn't given her a Hep-B shot when she was born. So that was fun, too.
On the upside, my friend won an Ellen Dengeres Show Mother's Day contest and sent me a whole mess of coupons for free jumbo packs of Huggies!!!!!!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

June 2: We have "Mama"!

On Thursday, June 2, she said, "Mama." Even though I knew she didn't know what it means, my heart melted. She said it again on Friday (yesterday). Colby said she's been saying it while I'm at work, so I'm not sure her "official" first Mama, but Thursday was the first I'd heard it.

She's been saying "Maaaa" or "Mehhhh" when she's crying for food, but this was the first time I'd heard her say two together in a calm, rational sort of way, in the middle of a sentence.

She came close to repeating "Love" to me. She had her tongue in the right place and she got a reallly clear "La" out.

So far her vocabulary of recognizable/repeatable sounds (in order of first saying them) are:

Boo Boo
Ma Ma

Yesterday for the first time, she grabbed her feet with both hands. And stayed in that position most of the day. She'd noticed them earlier in the week, but finally figured out how to grab them and hold on. Made diaper changing and swaddling a little more challenging.

Her favorite binky is her burp cloth, which she clutches most of the time. Everyone puts it over their shoulder because that's her favorite place to be, and when they hand her off, she still has it  clutched in her hand (or mouth). She probably loves it because it smells like dinner. I always forget the burp cloth so my shoulder is always wet. We've noticed a bit of a clicking in her jaw which we are concerned might be from her resting her jaw on our shoulders so much (it's really the only position she loves to be in most of the time) so we're being careful about that.

She also loves to grab the hood strings on my sweatshirt so I need to be really careful about that.

Can't wait to meet her new pediatrician on Thursday and make sure she's doing OK! Not excited about the shots though.... especially worried about autism risks. But I guess it's better than being diseased.

So glad to have a weekend with her, although I'll be spending most of today at the new house fixing it up for a hopeful move-in tonight or tomorrow. Colby works at 5 tonight and all day tomorrow, so hopefully we can get it done in the next few hours.......